What we do


With regard to sending consignments, we send these 2 or 3 times a year and the items include mainly:

– school stationery
– educational goods and games and children’s story books
– soft toys and plastic toys
– computer equipment
– children’s bicycles and scooters
– shoes and clothes

Almost all donations are used items. All these are packed and directed to specific institutions, such as schools, orphanages and extremely poor families. Packing and preparing a consignment for shipping takes approximately 3 to 4 months. We have helped and are currently helping more than 75 institutions, which are preschools, primary and secondary schools, orphanages and extremely poor families, all these in very remote areas in the north of Sri Lanka. A full list of these institutions which we have helped and are currently helping appears in our newly designed website.

Previous Projects

We have, in the past, carried out an endless number of small projects successfully and are also continuing with more projects at present within our ability. A few of them are worth of mention, such as:

– We provided two good water wells, among their scattered salt water wells, to the very remote part of an Island called Delft, in Sri Lanka. Delft Island is approximately 6 miles by 3 miles, just smaller than Jersey, with a population of around 5000, far away from the mainland, requiring a rough journey by ferry across the treacherous sea. The Island’s facilities are far from adequate, not only due to its remoteness but also due to a very poor community without many income generating activities.

– We upgraded the community’s tiny grocery shop from its very primitive and structurally damaged condition, one of three shops to serve the whole community in the west end of the island.

– We built a house for an extremely poor and displaced, fatherless family of 5, who were living in a muddy and leaky room, costing only £1500 kindly sponsored by a single donor from Jersey.

Current Projects

1. We are assisting a disabled man and his family to set up a chicken farm, with a chicken shed for £85 and 20 chickens for £55.

2. We are refurbishing a garage size house made of tin sheets and hanging rugs for a displaced and fatherless family of 6 living in one room and also providing a few income generating activities. Anticipated cost of approximately £800.

3. We plan to provide 20 bicycles and water cans for transporting water from the newly built good water wells in Delft Island to their homes far away. Approximate cost £1200 for 20 bicycles and water cans.

4. Proposed refurbishment of a room in Delft District General Hospital for safe storage of medical equipment.

5. Several new preschools and primary schools are constantly being supported and added to our list of beneficiaries.

Visits by Jersey Residents

A few people from Jersey linked their visits to some of the schools and an orphanage we support to their holiday arrangements in Sri Lanka. They not only visited these institutions but also were able to distribute school stationery and sweets etc. directly to the children and staff. Many items they personally donated.

Friends from Mother Earth, Jersey went there initially in early 2016, followed by a Dental Surgeon with a Dental Project in July 2016. Later 3 members of the Women’s Institute, St Ouen branch accompanied me in November 2016 and we were able to visit and distribute the goods to children sent in our shipment. They also had the opportunity to officially open the two new good water wells, sewing training centre, new grocery shop and the newly built house.

One of the Sisters from A&E in Jersey General Hospital also recently visited and supported the orphanage and a preschool.

They were all received humbly with traditional welcome, by the teachers, children, parents and local community heads.

In July 2017 two Jersey General Practitioners and their family will be visiting some of the schools and orphanages we support, while on their holiday in Sri Lanka.

Fundraising Events

Our main fund raising events/activities are by holding Sri Lankan curry evenings two or three times a year, by cooking for private parties and the occasional car boot sales here in Jersey.

We also have the occasional generous donations.

We are a very small Charity and are always open to new ideas for fundraising and for further help and support by anyone interested.

Contact details:

Chairperson: Jane Hall 07797 717680 j.hall@health.gov.je
Secretary: Pat Farr 07797 818443 pat.farr@yahoo.co.uk