We are a Jersey registered charity (AJC367) supporting very poor children’s homes and schools in remote areas of Sri Lanka and South India.  We decided to support these institutions by providing items needed for their everyday life in general as well as their education.  We commenced our charity work following the devastation caused by the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004.

In 2005 and 2006 we provided a new school building in Thanneer Ootru, Mullaitivu, Sri Lanka for the displaced children from the North East coast to replace the completely destroyed school building.  We also provided a new home in Erlalai South for children sleeping rough in a neighbouring temple and supported Malarcholai Children’s Home in Visvamadu, Kilinochchi.


In 2010 we supported Nesakarangal (meaning “loving hands”) Children’s Home, a home for poor and helpless children, situated in a remote and poor village in Tuticorin, South India.  It was not supported by any government funding or any international help, but thrived on a locally collected very small sum of money, barely adequate for basic facilities.   We also supported John the Baptist Higher Secondary School in Tuticorin.

In 2011 we extended our support to Annai Humanity Service Organisation Children’s Home and Thangam Middle School, both very underprivileged, also in Tuticorin, South India and also to Mahadeva Achchirama Children’s Home in Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka.


Since then to date we have supported more than 75 poor institutions listed separately, mainly by providing them with items needed for their daily life in general, as well as their education.  A typical list of items that we send by shipment is also available separately.

Our intention was to ship these items we collect here in Jersey out to Tuticorin, South India and Sri Lanka.  We sent two shipments to the Nesakarangal Children’s Home in April and May 2010, one to Annai Humanity Service Organisation in January 2012, one to Mahadeva Achchirama Children’s Home in April 2012, one to Thangam Middle School, John the Baptist Higher Secondary School and Annai Karunai Children’s Home in September 2012 and a further shipment to two institutions in Sri Lanka, namely Arokkiapuram Primary School and Kalapavodai Children’s Home in May 2013, all very underprivileged.  Further shipments left Jersey in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 supporting several institutions each time, as listed separately.


Our recent charity work included various projects completed in the very underprivileged west end of the island of Delft in Sri Lanka such as the provision of a good water well amongst the scattered salt water wells, upgrading of the community’s tiny grocery shop from its primitive and extremely small size to a larger decent shop, provision of a new sewing training centre and provision of facilities for cultivation of basic vegetables.  Several other projects have also been completed in the villages in the north and schools in the north, north-east and Vanni district of Sri Lanka.  More projects are also under way.


We would therefore like to receive any ideas from you, any items you think would be useful, and suggestions for fund raising events that would help us to help them.

I personally visited Nesakarangal Children’s Home and John the Baptist Higher Secondary School in Tuticorin, South India in June 2010 and the Schools and Children’s Homes in Sri Lanka in May 2005, September 2005, July 2013, January 2014, October 2015, May 2016 and November 2016.


Our fund-raising events are:

– Sri Lankan Cuisine and Live Music Events
– Dress Down Days
– Car Boot Sales
– Raffles
– Musical Evenings
– Sri Lankan Dining Experience in your own home


If you would like to help us, please contact:

Dr. S. Hima  –  Patron
Email:  sivahima@hotmail.com


Miss Jane Hall  –  Chairperson
Telephone:  07797 717680
Email:  j.hall@health.gov.je